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Bringing The Oasis Garden Back To Life – A Travelwings Initiative

Travelwings Morocco celebrates April as the month of sustainability, and are happy to extend an initiative to the community of which we are a part. Oasis Garden Market is a community garden in Casablanca that serves as a makeshift market. Local producers put up small chalets displaying their produce and other daily-use items. This place serves as a stage for people to shop, socialise, relax, and spend time together. Travelwings Morocco in collaboration with Maarif municipality planned a tree plantation and cleaning drive on 02nd May 2024.

Reviving Oasis Garden Market In Casablanca. Morocco

What Was The Idea

Bringing The Oasis Garden Back To Life – A Travelwings Initiative

The idea was to hold an event along with Maarif municipality and bring the park back to its former glory. The initiative was to give back to the community. Also, bring about a change in the lives of people the garden has an impact on. The garden witnessed years of drought and negligence, resulting in its deterioration.

The aim is to restore the garden by planting saplings and trees. And while doing so, instil knowledge on the importance of trees in increasing green cover. Travelwings Morocco took on the initiative and was happy to be part of the community and spread joy among others.

How Did It Unfold

Spreading Hope and Kindness, Oasis Garden

The event began with an opening speech from the president of Maarif municipality, addressing the people and ensuring full cooperation. He also mentioned that such initiatives are a sign that society needs to take to emphasise on the importance of nurturing green cover and how it helps reduce the effects of global warming.

Community Outreach and Engagement with Maarif

The next activity was cleaning the garden and marking areas that would be good for planting new saplings. After marking the locations, the plantation began, with over 100 volunteers including kids participating in the cleaning and planting activity. Over 1500 plants were planted in marked spots spread across the garden to make this restoration a success. There was a small workshop for kids afterwards, showcasing trees’ impact on the environment and how green cover helps reduce the effects of pollution.

Break For Lunch

Community Outreach and Engagement

Travelwings Morocco gave away 100 lunch boxes to the volunteers for lunch and 50 caps and t-shirts as part of the Travelwings merchandise. During lunch, the volunteers, vendors and members of the Maarif community bonded and shared their experiences with the young ones. The vendors thanked our team for bringing joy and hope to the community and how this initiative will help in shaping a greener future for society.

Mr Abdessadeq Mourchid, the Deputy Mayor of Casablanca spoke about the importance of community building. He addressed the issues of global warming and how it affects everyone, from a household to a community and eventually the world. Mr Abdessadeq thanked everyone for coming together as one and helping put the Oasis Garden Market back on the map.

Travelwings Morocco thanks the volunteers, Mr Abdessadeq Mourchid (Deputy Mayor) and the people from the Maarif municipality for making this event a grand success.

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