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List Of Top 10 Places To Visit In Dubai For Free

There is a very famous notion amongst travellers when it comes to travelling to the city of Dubai. It is often heard directly or indirectly about the posh lifestyle that locals live out in the Emirate of Dubai. This extreme lifestyle is often connected to the high-end cars or the real estate marvels that the city boasts of. Every detail about the city holds true except for the fact that Dubai is an expensive city to visit, which is not true. We had the opportunity to compile a list of the top 10 places to visit in Dubai for free. This will help change the way people perceive and misjudge this beautiful city.

10 Places To Visit In Dubai For Free

Dubai Aquarium

List Of Top 10 Places To Visit In Dubai For Free

The first place we would recommend visiting in Dubai for free is this massive aquarium. The massive size is certain to catch your gaze when you enter the mall. Yes, you heard it right, this massive banquet-sized aquarium lies in the heart of Dubai Mall. The entry through this giant feat of engineering would cost you around AED 80 ( $ 22). However, you can still enjoy the massive aquarium from the outside and click pictures for free.

Location: Dubai Mall

Movie Under The Stars

Wafi Mall

This next place to visit in Dubai for free is a dream come true, right under the open night sky. The Pyramid Rooftop Complex is home to a unique cinema viewing experience on offer for travellers visiting the city of Dubai. Where one can watch some blockbuster movies under the open sky, with stars offering a breathtaking view from above. The free movie sessions often take place on Sundays after supper time. So, make sure to check out the movie they would be playing if you’re choosy about it.

Location: Wafi Complex

Camel Museum

Camel Museum, 10 Places to visit in Dubai for free

The Al Shindagha Area in Old Dubai is the place to unravel the historic secrets and treasures of ancient Dubai. The region is home to a museum dedicated to one of the most important members of the Arabic trade and tradition. The current generation of this highly-priced ancient marvel has been bred by the local breeders for hundreds of years. You got it, we are speaking of the desert giant called the camel. The creature has been a constant piece of reference in many historic scripts. The entry to the museum is free, with displays of how the animal influenced the history of the country.

Location: Al Shindagha Heritage Village

Al Shindagha Area

Al Shindagha Area

The next place on the top 10 places to visit in Dubai for free is the region in which some of the most important museums in Dubai lie. The area lies in the heart of Old Dubai and is an important historic site in all of Dubai. The region boasts of artefacts and relics that are ancient and to this day remain well preserved. There are several other exhibits on display showcasing the kind of trade ancient Arabs used to indulge in. Some of which include activities like pottery, weaving, practitioners of other traditional crafts and pearl diving.

Location: Al Shindagha Area, near the mouth of Dubai Creek

Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain

This is one of the most awe-inspiring and breathtaking places to visit in Dubai for free. The giant water body just outside Dubai Mall is a large man-made water body, home to the Dubai fountain. The fountains have made a name for themselves in the Guinness book of world records, for being the tallest in the world. The musical and visual display of these fountains across the lake is visible from any angle within the vicinity for free.

Location: Burj Khalifa Lake

Jumeirah Beach Corniche

Jumeirah Beach Corniche, 10 Places to visit in Dubai for free

The list of 10 Places to visit in Dubai for free brings us to the popular beachfront of Jumeirah Beach Corniche. The beachfront spans over an area of eight hundred meters while offering its visitors several options. Some of these options include facilities like a jogging track, shaded picnic areas, children’s play areas, showers and many more. The walk itself is fourteen kilometers long and stretches from Dubai Marine Beach Resort to the Burj Al Arab hotel.

Location: Next to Dubai Marina Beach Resort

Gold & Spice Souq

Spice Souq in Deira, Dubai

The streets of old Dubai are few destinations in the Emirate capable of taking you back decades while instilling nostalgia. These streets are one of the places to visit in Dubai for free and try some street food. The streets of Old Dubai are home to the markets of Old Dubai, offering a peek into the golden days. These markets are known as souqs, while the largest gold souqs in the world are present in the streets of Deira.

Location: Deira and Karama

Free Car Watch

Jumeirah Beach Residences

The Walk at the JBR is one of the most happening places in all of Dubai, attracting both locals and tourists alike. The promenade is one of the popular locations in Dubai where one can dine, shop and take a stroll by the sea. It is also a popular location for car lovers and enthusiasts to catch a glimpse of some supercars and vintage cars owned by the locals. Making this location one of the places to visit in Dubai for free and gazing at mechanical marvels for free.

Location: The Walk at JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residences)

World’s Third Tallest Hotel

Burj Al Arab, 10 Places to visit in Dubai for free

The next best place to visit in Dubai for free is the third tallest hotel in the world called the Burj Al Arab. The establishment stands as a mark of engineering brilliance and world-class opulence and high levels of hospitality service. The Burj Al Arab is not accessible without a reservation, however, one can visit the location as the hotel lies on Jumeirah Beach. The hotel has been made on a man-made offshore raised platform that supports and forms the foundation of the hotel. The view of the hotel with the sun setting in the background is one of the most wonderful experiences that one can experience for free.

Location: Jumeirah Beach

World’s Tallest Building

Burj Khalifa

The final place to visit on the list of 10 Places to visit in Dubai for free is the iconic marvel of architectural engineering. The building has become a beacon of grandeur the world over. The spectacle we are talking about is the iconic building of Burj Khalifa, which is one of the tallest in the world. The building stands at a height of over eight hundred and thirty meters and has over one hundred and sixty-three floors. One can pay AED 150 ($ 41) to catch a glimpse of the city from the hundred and twentieth floor of the building. But, there is no charge for clicking a selfie with the giant either on the phone or a camera.

Location: Shiekh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard

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