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10 Recommended Best Shopping Destinations In The World

A shopaholic confesses – ‘We shop because it is a basic human right.’ After all, retail therapy is one of the best kinds of self-soothing therapies ever. If shopping is a crime then most of us are harmless and happy criminals. But only if it is done from the best place. So, get ready to quench your shopper-lust as the world is an open market. Create your shopping list and right-tick each one by one at only the best shopping destinations in the world. 

10 Recommended Best Shopping Destinations In The World


Best Shopping Destinations In The World - Paris

Paris is crowned as the vogue city of the world. Hence, without a doubt, it ranks top on our list of the best shopping destinations in the world. Paris is the perfect medicine for your shopping fever. If you love fashion brands, then Paris is the place for you because Paris loves brands and brands love Paris. So, shop from Louis Vuitton to Chanel and Dior to Pucci and be the fashion diva that you are within. 

What to Buy? Apparels, Accessories, Jewelry, Shoes, and so much more

Where to Go? The Champs-Élysées, Boulevard Saint Germain, Rue Du Commerce, and many places


Dubai is a shopper’s paradise. And hence, one of the top rankers on our list of the best shopping destinations in the world. Whether you are here for some authentic gold jewelry shopping or fashion or gadgets on a budget, Dubai is your go-to place. We recommend visiting Dubai at the time of the DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival).

What to buy? Gold Jewelry, Oxidised Accessories, Bangles, Lockets, and Spices

Where to go? Dubai Gold Souk (a traditional market in Dubai, UAE). 


Best Shopping Destinations In The World - USA

New York is one of the few top commercial hubs in the world for upscale shopping experiences and exceptional retail therapy. Visit the iconic Manhattan strip and get swept off your feet with a chain of exclusive fashion stores. Move around and explore as many possible options because you are going to be spoilt for choices here.

What to buy? Jewelry, Shoes, Bags, Apparels, Accessories, and much more 

Where to go? Manhattan


Lights, Camera, and Fashion! Well, if there is one place that redefines finesse then it is Italy. The place is the motherland of brands like Versace, Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and whatnot. No wonder why Italy is a stars’ favorite place to shop. So, grab the perfect styles for your quirky fashion sense.

What to buy? Apparels, Footwear, Leather Products, Luxury Bags, Couture, and much more

Where to go? Monte Napoleone Street, The fashion street of Florence, Condotti Street, and many places


Moscow is classic and so is its high-ranked fashion. If you are a fan of the elegant quotient, then Moscow is here to treat your fancy. Shop for some of the most well-assorted range of perfumes and stylish watches. So, collect the latest edition of luxury from this shopper’s paradise.

What to buy? Perfumes, Watches, Formal Wear, and so much more

Where to go? GUM on Red Square


Best Shopping Destinations In Asia - India

India, the country of colors and rich heritage is the next big thing on our list. Shop for an exotic variety of home decor, fabrics, and ethnic products from here. On top of everything, the prices are so reasonable with incredible bargains on offer. So, get the best deals and a range of unique authentic products from the streets of India. 

What to buy? Home Decor, Accessories, Gold Jewelry, Beauty products, Ethnic Wear, Pashmina and Silks, Spices

Where to go? Rajasthan, Delhi, Mumbai, West Bengal, Varanasi, Chennai, Mysore, and more


The art and craft collection of South Africa is immensely popular. Whether it is the Aztec prints, the tribal art forms inspired paintings, ceramics, and carpets, everything is otherworldly here. The place is a haven for flea shopping buffs. So, move to the local shopping locales and get the best in Africa. 

What to buy? Bead Jewelry, Rings, Home Decors, Carpets, Shawls, and much more 

Where to go? Fourways Mall, Melrose Arch, Sandton City, Local Markets, and many places


Rugs, carpets, and pottery, colors, mosaics, and intricacy, welcome to Morocco. Crafts and creativity flow in the veins of this country. If you have a special corner for handmade buys, then Morocco is a must-visit. Prepare yourself to embellish your home with the best of Moroccan creations and add indefinite beauty and splendor to your lifestyle. 

What to buy? Carpets, Ceramics, Lanterns, Wall Hangings, and much more 

Where to go? Souks in Marrakesh


Japan, the tech-nation needs no introduction. Hi-tech gadgets, games, and electronics have become the face of this country. Not just that, the place is also renowned for its age-old crafts. The country’s growth in the field of gadgets from the kitchen to your bathroom is a known reality. So, come to Japan and own the most stylish, equipped, and genius piece of technology.  

What to buy? Fingertip Mittens, Spatula Tongs, Takoyaki Maker, Electric Nabe, Sake Warmer, Electronics, and more.

Where to go? Tokyo (city), Stores like Bic Camera, Yamada Denki, Yodobashi-Akiba, and many more.


Best Shopping Destinations In Asia - South Korea

South Korea is gradually gaining fame for its K-pop industry. However, the place is not just about music but is also one of the largest markets in the beauty, make-up, and skincare segment. So, don a cutesy outfit and begin your shopping spree on the streets of Seoul.

What to buy?  Make-up and Skincare products

Where to go? Seoul, particularly the stores in Gangnam


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