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21 Best Adventure Holidays On The Globe

Adventure holidays are fuel for the brave hearts and a path to discovery for many. Taking up mystical journeys, be it trekking, camping, hiking, or any other outdoor adventure, lets you dive into a completely different world. So, all the adrenaline junkies and fearless adventurers, we have a story for you to create. Below-given are the 21 best adventure holidays in the world for you to experience the ultimate thrill-kick. Get ready to make your escape to the hidden and the wild facets of this complex yet beautiful world.

21 Best Adventure Holidays on Earth

1. Trek the Himalayas and Get Ready to Conquer

Best Adventure Holidays - Hike up the Himalayas

Location: India

An incredible mountain range with adrenaline-filled surprises, the Himalayas speaks of a glory that has been sung by many but lived only by a few. Spread majorly across India, Nepal, and China, the Himalayas is a dream destination for every mountaineer across the globe. With snow-clad peaks standing tall like a giant, the Himalayas look nothing short of a paradisal beauty. Put your trekking gear on and witness the grandiosity of the Mount Everest, the Kanchenjunga, the Nanga Parbat, and more.

2. Sail Down the Shimmering Waves of the Nile River

Location: Egypt

Get on a traditional Egyptian boat and meander your way through the exuberance of the Nile River. Being the longest stream in the world, it has been a great destination for sailors, photographers, explorers, and cruise lovers. It flows through the wonderful terrains of Africa and hence, lets you experience the perennial natural charm of the continent. Discover a series of hidden sites as you float down the beautiful river. Here is a fun fact, the Nile River runs for more than 6600 km across eleven different countries.

3. Marvel at the Greatness of the Grand Canyon

Best Adventure Holidays - grand canyon bend

Location: USA

The magnificence of the great Grand Canyon makes it one of the best adventure holidays in the USA. With an average depth of over 1.5 km, it is one of the largest canyons in the world and hence, it has been a lovely destination to explore for thousands of adventure-seekers every day. Walk past deep gorges, go on an exciting hike, or simply sit by the cliff and capture the hues of the sky in the background. Be awestruck by its massive expanse and make your excursion an everlasting memory.

4. Follow the Trail up the Wonder of Machu Picchu

Location: Peru

If you are keen on learning something from the past or if you have a great affinity towards ancient culture and lifestyle, then you must take up the adventure of exploring Machu Picchu. Located atop the gorgeous Sacred Valley in the midst of heavenly surroundings, this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Trek up the hill, explore the rustic ruined settlement, and frame awe-inspiring panoramas.

5. Venture off on an African Safari

Best Adventure Holidays - African safari

Location(s): South Africa & North Africa

Explore the forests of Africa that are home to some of the most ferocious fauna on earth. Take an exhilarating tour of Kruger National Park, Addo Elephant National Park, and more, and witness nature’s wilderness all around. Discover dramatic landscapes, spot innumerable rare and endangered species of animals, plants, and birds, and savor a whole lot of enthralling nature. Apart from experiencing thrill across your journey, take some time to capture the majesty of dense woods, rolling grounds, and lush greenery.

6. Frame Tranquil Hill-Top Villages of Italy

Best Adventure Holidays - Italy hill top villages

Location: Italy

Italy is far-framed for its serene beaches, delicious cuisine, and interesting lifestyle. If you are looking for an offbeat adventure in Italy, then consider exploring the hidden or least-explored hamlets of the country. Tucked away from commercialized centers atop lush green hills in the midst of ravishing mountains, the quaint villages, and towns like Assisi, Orvieto, and Taormina are characterized by their unique culture and laidback surroundings. Visit these and create your own stories about the adventures of Italy.

7. Watch Polar bears at Baffin Island

Location: Canada

Baffin Island, the fifth-largest island on the globe. The place has a lot of surprising adventures for you. Spot the Arctic wildlife such as Polar Bears, Arctic Fox, etc. Watch the Polar Bear swim and roam around graciously as you go on a challenging hike of your own. As the largest island in Canada spread over an area of more than 500,000 sq km, Baffin Island makes for a perfect weekend escape for the adventures in the Arctic.

8. Explore the Silently Fiesty Expanse Of the Sahara Desert

Best Adventure Holidays - Sahara Desert in Morocco

Location: Morocco

The Saharan land of Morocco, the hottest and one of the largest deserts on the globe, is like a silent warrior full of fire in its belly. Exploring it is one of the best things to do in Africa for the adventurers. Ditch the luxury of 5-star hotels and spend a thrilling night in a camp under a starry night on the sand. From going sand-boarding to camping, there are numerous adventurous activities one can indulge in while at the Sahara, Morocco.

9. Sky Diving in Dubai

skydiving dubai

Location: Dubai

Dubai is popular across the globe for various reasons, luxury hotels, modern infrastructure, gold souks, and whatnot. The city has innumerable sights to enjoy and uncountable activities to participate in. No wonder its influx of tourists is increasing exponentially every year. Dubai is also popular as a sky diving extreme sport destination. All the aerial adventurers come here from around the globe to enjoy this thrilling sport. You also get to witness the wondrous Palm Jumeirah from above.

10. Explore Thai Islands

Best Adventure Holidays - Thai Islands

Location: Phuket

Thailand harbors some of the most beautiful islands and shores in the world. Be it Phi Phi Islands or Jams Bond Island, everything would come as a great surprise to you. These beauties leave you awestruck with spectacular views and exciting sports. Hop on a speed boat and tour the hidden islands of the Thai province. Capture some breathtaking scenery, go for a swim in the ocean, or just get lost in the glory of Mother Nature. Thailand has over a hundred gorgeous islands to its name.

11. Take a tour to the land of Happiness

adventures of bhutan

Location: Bhutan

Bhutan is often called the land of Happiness on account of its beautiful culture and lifestyle. From trekking up its hills to exploring monasteries and visiting cliffside settlements to discovering unknown hidden valleys, there are umpteen opportunities in Bhutan for a thrill-seeker to satisfy their hunger for delight and fun. Explore the caves of Paro Taktsang, head towards the 17th-century riverside palace of Punakha Dzong, or witness the majesty of a scenic marshland at Phobjikha Valley.

12. Scuba Diving and More at Seychelles

Best Adventure Holidays - Seychelles beach

Location: Seychelles

Flourishing in the middle of the Indian Ocean with its stunning group of 115 islands, Seychelles is an ideal destination for couples and also for water sports lovers. The place offers one of the best adventure holidays for couples with its romantic white-sand beaches, coral reefs, and gorgeous nature reserves. Dive deep into the blue waters of the sea or just take a break away from the crowd to explore the hidden shores of the country. Snorkel to the beautiful corals or sail down the exciting waves of the Somalia Sea.

13. Enjoy Dog Sledding in Norway

dog sledding norway

Location: Norway

Looking for adventure holidays away from the crowded and overly commercialized tourist destinations? If yes, then Norway is your place. Dog sledding here is quite a popular activity and it would surely fill your excursion with fun and excitement. And why it shouldn’t? After all, an opportunity to travel through the snow and skate down in a sled is not a rarity to come by. Hop on a sled, strap up, and take a tour of Norway’s most winsome, fairy-tale-like magnanimous landscapes.

14. Explore the Paradise of Antarctica on A Cruise

Best Adventure Holidays - Antarctica Cruises

Location: Antarctica

A cruise to one end of the planet is undoubtedly an experience to cherish forever. Reach the Earth’s southernmost continent on a cruise and witness its magnificence from your naked eyes. Antarctica cruise tours make for the best adventure holidays and hence, they have been dearest to all the thrill-seekers for centuries now. Come across untouched landscapes, spot beautiful wildlife, and spot awe-inspiring scenery. There is a new world altogether to unbox here.

15. Take a Boat to the Niagara Falls

Location(s): Canada and The USA

How about taking a breathtaking boat ride full of mist by the ferocious Niagara Falls? Goosebumps already! Let the largest falls on the globe, Niagara Falls cascade down from heaven and create a divine paradise of misty roars all around you. Take a cruise by this beauty and create an everlasting memory of surreal aquatic adventures. We recommend you choose from the Maid of the Mist and/or the Hornblower.

16. Go Camping in Iceland

Best Adventure Holidays - Iceland camping

Location: Iceland, Europe

Iceland is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Full of greenery, the place boasts of amazing hues of nature, and hence, it has been extremely popular amongst photographers, trekkers, and nature lovers. If you desire to spend some time in nature’s haven, then set out for hiking and camping in Iceland. We recommend the top camping sites in Iceland such as Skaftafell, Ásbyrgi, Siglufjörður, Höfn, and more.

17. Paraglide Over the Alps

Location: Switzerland

Paragliding is one of the adventurous sports every thrill-seeker loves. And when the location is in the Alps, they would not like to miss out on such an opportunity. Flying high in the sky as you move across several peaks of the gorgeous mountain ranges is one of the most exciting yet beautiful experiences to have. Moreover, you would be able to capture the untamed natural beauty of Europe in its most gorgeous form.

18. Swim Across Lake Powell

Best Adventure Holidays - lake powell

Location: USA

Though swimming is not that famed among the globetrotters as an outdoor adventure sport, it has own charm when done across the dazzling waters of Lake Powell in the United States. Reach one shore of the lake to the other and soothe your mind and soul in its rejuvenating waters. The place also provides you with some awe-inspiring vistas and a safe and secure environment for a vacation. Hence, it is an ideal destination for families and couples too.

19. Go Mountain Biking

mountain biking utah

Location: Canada

How about a session of biking high in the hills and up in the mountains and sharing a great adventure story? Mountain biking has been a popular sport amongst tourists for decades. Whether you are taking up the Fjord of Norway or the rugged terrains of Canada, this wonderful outdoor sport would give you an adrenaline rush. You can also go covering the uneven grounds of Sardinia in Italy.

20. Take Up The Annapurna Base Camp Route

Best Adventure Holidays - Mt. Everest trekking and camping in Nepal

Location: Nepal

Annapurna Base Camp is one of the best and most underrated treks in Asia. This 67-km trek is in the beautiful hills of Nepal is often covered over 10 days. Hence, it involves a bit of camping too. That’s why it is preferred by millions of adventure lovers from around the world. Take up this moderate to difficult expedition to move through valleys, streams, and the mountains.  

21. Explore the Ever Dazzling Gobi Desert

gobi desert

Location: China and Mongolia

If extreme adventure has always been your choice, then you must head towards the Gobi desert in Eastern Asia. Spread across parts of China and Mongolia, this beautiful body of nature showcases a mixed bag of dunes, greenery, and rocky terrains. Cover it on your foot and let that wanderer kick in. At night, you can also camp around and enjoy a starry sky.

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