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Why Is The Love Lake In Dubai The Perfect Weekend Escape?

Dubai’s His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum back in 2018 made a dedication to the people of Dubai. This dedication came in the form of pictures of a man-made lake. The lake is in the shape of two interconnected hearts with a caption reading “To all of you” in his Instagram post. What people were more surprised to find was that his highness actually had gotten this beautiful landscape made from scratch. The location is one of the best Al Qudra lake activities and Al Qudra lake camping sites in Dubai. So if you’re from Dubai or visiting the emirate, take some time out and explore this hidden gem in Dubai. Below we have compiled an interesting read as to ‘Why is the Love Lake in Dubai the perfect Weekend escape?’.

Things To Do At The Love Lake In Dubai

Take A Stroll Around The Heart-Shaped Lakes

Why Is The Love Lake In Dubai The Perfect Weekend Escape?

The first things that you would realize when you reach the location are the beautifully crafted wooden doors. These doors take support of the trees that have grown in the shape of the letters ‘LOVE’. The beautiful and mesmerizing location is spread across an area of roughly five hundred and fifty hundred thousand square meters. The massive expanse of the lake is perfect for couples wanting to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A stroll around the lake can easily last up to 45 – 60 minutes.

Walk the Shallow Ridge

Love Lake, Dubai

The lakes are the centre of attraction however the walkway on the banks of the lakes are equally mesmerizing. Especially the narrow walkways that run in between the two lakes. At one point on the lake, you will come to a narrow ridge that allows you to walk across the lake. This unique experience is the first of its kind in Dubai and is the perfect respite from the noise of the city. Take off your shoes and hold the hands of your special someone. While you take the shallow ridge to reach across to the landmass in the centre of the lake.

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Reveal At The Trees Exuding Love

Trees exuding love, Love Lake

The entire lake is home to several natural pieces of trees and vines. These natural huggers crawl around the benches and heart-shaped doorways enhancing the beauty of the location. At the entrance, you’ll see trees that have been placed strategically to spell out the word ‘Love’. Numerous flora adorns the region adding an ecstatic feel to the lake. Making it one of the best lakes in the United Arab Emirates.

Hike To The Hilltop

Hilltop at the Love Lake

In the centre of the most beautiful places in Dubai called the ‘Love Lake’ is another activity to undertake. The centre of the lake is home to a high rising piece of land known as the hilltop. The way to the top is either a swim through the lake. Or a walk through the shallow ridge that connects to the centre. The hilltop offers a panoramic view of the lake and its surroundings. The hike to the top of this small hill is not much but is lined with reddish gravel chippings.

Take A Dip In The Lake

Take a dip at the Love Lake in Dubai

One of the unexplored places in Dubai allows you to take a dip in the lake while adhering to the local norms. The lake is the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer evening. Or just sit on its banks with your legs dipped in the cool waters. The lake is also home to different species of domesticated fishes like koi, goldfish, cichlids and of course some hybrids. But, before you get your fishing rods, we would like to inform you that fishing is strictly forbidden.

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Take A Picture At The Love Wall

Love Wall at the Love Lake

The idea of His Highness Sheikh Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum was to spread love. To that cause he had the creators of the lake build a love wall. Which has a plus and equal equation with the two variables section being left blank on the wall. This is where you and your special someone come in and equate to the feeling of love denoted by a big red heart on the wall. There are several different spots in the park perfect for that Instagram worthy picture.

Have A Picnic With Your Special Someone

Picnic at Love Lake in Dubai

The lake has a very green and lush surroundings where you and your loved ones can have the perfect picnic. The close to perfect lawns are a nice spot for romantic picnics. With views of the many bird species that call the lake their home. You can choose to set up a camping site at the lake as the timings are 24×7. The location of Love Lake is conveniently close to the other five lakes that are in the region. If incase the Love lake turns out a bit too crowded for your taste.

Plan A Barbeque Dinner At Hadirah

Barbeque by the Love Lake

The Al Qudra Lake in Dubai is an excellent place to have barbeque dinners with friends or your special someone. The lake has a special fenced and designated area around the lake called ‘Hadirah’. Hadirah is perfect for families or couples looking to spend some quality gourmet enriching time together. Basic amenities like fresh drinking water and washroom facilities are also available. Yes, you heard it right, instead of a water fountain they have trees with taps. With the water coming from the centre serving clean drinking water.

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