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Visa-Free Travel: Epic UAE National Day 2023 Adventures Await!

The big UAE national day weekend is just round the corner and like you we are elated about the long well deserved break. The 52nd UAE national day weekend holiday, like all national day weekends, is going to be from 30th November to 3rd December. The weekend long break is the perfect time to plan a trip, to help you unwind and savour the world a bit. Whether you are planning a solo trip or a trip with loved ones, make sure to read the interesting article on Visa-free travel: Epic UAE National Day 2023 Adventures Await.

Visa Free Travel: Top 11 Countries to Explore

Armenia: Where Ancient Monasteries Whisper Stories

Visa-Free Travel: Epic UAE National Day 2023 Adventures Await!

Venture into Armenia’s rugged landscapes, where monasteries are set against a backdrop of captivating mountains. As the UAE National Day 2023 nears, consider a journey into this land, filled with rich tales of an ancient civilization, delicious local cuisine, and warm-hearted locals. Dive deep into Armenian music, dance, and tradition; every experience here is a touchpoint of culture. 

Visa eligibility: visa-free/180 days

Azerbaijan: Witness the Dance of Eternal Flames


Beyond the glow of the eternal flames in Azerbaijan lies a rich tapestry of history, gastronomy, and culture. As you plan your visa-free travel this UAE National Day 2023, anticipate vibrant bazaars, intricate carpets, UNESCO-listed historical sites, and mouth-watering Azeri dishes. Baku’s modern skyline in tandem with its old-world charm creates a harmonious blend that promises an unforgettable adventure.

Visa eligibility: visa-free/90 days

Georgia: Sip the Secrets of the Oldest Wine Tradition


Georgia is not just the birthplace of wine but a celebration of life’s simple joys. With visa-free travel access for UAE National Day 2023, prepare for a sensory feast. From the cobbled streets of Tbilisi to the snow-capped mountains of Svaneti, there’s a world to explore. Relish Georgian feasts, or ‘supras’, with hearty meals, polyphonic songs, and of course, the rich, amber wine.

Visa eligibility: visa-free/90 days

Kazakhstan: From Cosmodrome Vistas to Towering Mountains


Brimming with contrasts, Kazakhstan offers the allure of the vast steppes and the marvels of space exploration. This UAE National Day 2023, think of a visa-free travel where you can witness the launch of spacecraft, hike in pristine national parks, and experience the nomadic culture. Astana’s futuristic architecture and Almaty’s bustling markets further showcase Kazakhstan’s captivating blend of old and new.

Visa eligibility: visa-free/30 days

Kyrgyzstan: Nomadic Heritage Meets Spectacular Landscapes

Kyrgyzstan, Visa-Free Travel

Kyrgyzstan is a living testament to Central Asia’s nomadic past. As the long upcoming weekend beckons, dream of a visa-free travel. Where you can ride alongside local horsemen, relax in traditional yurts, and marvel at the rugged beauty of the Tian Shan mountains. Beyond the landscapes, experience the warmth of the Kyrgyz people, their melodious folk music, and the bustling Osh Bazaar, ensuring an enriching journey into ancient traditions.

Visa eligibility: visa-free/60 days

Latvia & Lithuania: Baltic Beauty and Medieval Splendor Combined

Latvia & Lithuania

The allure of the Baltics beckons with Latvia and Lithuania. Imagine a visa-free travel this UAE National Day 2023 to enchanted forests, pristine coastlines, and mediaeval towns draped in history. Wander Riga’s art nouveau streets, explore Vilnius’ baroque architecture, and relish in Baltic folk tales by a roaring fire. Delight in amber-hued evenings and local festivals that celebrate the region’s deep-rooted traditions and vibrant culture.

Visa eligibility: visa-free/90 days

Norway: Where Northern Lights Paint the Sky


A vision of ethereal beauty awaits in Norway. This UAE National Day 2023, picture a visa-free travel to the land of midnight sun, craggy fjords, and the elusive Northern Lights. Venture north to Tromsø for a celestial dance or sail along the western coast, witnessing towering waterfalls and serene villages. Delve into Viking legends, savour fresh seafood, and be charmed by Norway’s harmonious coexistence of tradition and modernity.

Visa eligibility: visa-free/90 days

Philippines: Embrace the Warmth of Islands and Smiles

Philippines, Visa-Free Travel

The Philippines promises more than just its 7,000 islands. On this visa-free adventure for UAE National Day 2023, anticipate turquoise waters, rich cultural fiestas, and the infectious smiles of the Filipinos. Explore the historic streets of Intramuros, dive the Tubbataha Reefs, and indulge in the irresistible flavours of Filipino cuisine. Every island has a tale, every dance a story, and every sunset a promise of another beautiful day.

Visa eligibility: visa-free/30 days

Russia: A Tapestry of Tsars, Tundras, and Tolstoy


The vast expanse of Russia offers a visa-free journey into a world of opulence, art, and wild landscapes. Celebrate the national day weekend by roaming the palatial wonders of St. Petersburg, cruising the Volga River, or trekking the vast Siberian tundras. Revel in Russia’s ballet, literature, and it’s heartwarming cuisine, all the while uncovering a rich mosaic of history and culture that has shaped world narratives.

Visa eligibility: visa-free/90 days

Saudi Arabia: Where Ancient Sands Meet Modern Skyscrapers

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, once shrouded in mystery, now opens its doors for a visa-free exploration. This UAE National Day 2023, tread the historic paths of Madain Saleh, marvel at Jeddah’s floating mosque, and stand in awe of Riyadh’s modern wonders. Engage in the Bedouin traditions, shop in bustling souks, and partake in the nation’s ambitious vision for the future, where traditions and innovations meld in a harmonious symphony.

Visa eligibility: visa-free

Uzbekistan: Journey Through the Echoes of the Silk Road


In Uzbekistan, the echoes of the ancient Silk Road come alive. Envision a visa-free odyssey this UAE National Day 2023 through grandiose cities like Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva. Stand in the shadows of grand minarets, explore vibrant bazaars, and savour the tastes of Uzbek plov. With every step, you’re walking through centuries of trade, art, and culture, all set against a backdrop of majestic landscapes and warm hospitality.

Visa eligibility: visa-free/30 days


The national day weekend is the perfect time to plan a getaway we all have been planning for so long. The above mentioned destinations are a perfect culmination of adventure, activities, architecture and archaic history. What adds to this above list is that these countries offer free visas on arrival for holders of the esteemed UAE passport. Every destination is perfect for families, couples or for solo travellers. So, stop pondering over and come explore unique visa free travel destinations with Travelwings.

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