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15+ Dreamiest Things To Do in Greece

Greece is blessed with the beauty of the Mediterranean sun and the fragrance of thyme. The country in the Balkans is made up of a thousand islands throughout the Ionian and Aegean Seas. The undiscovered beaches, the delicious food, and epic Greece tourist spots make holidaying here an endless affair. There are plenty of places to visit in Greece with tiny shops tucked away in the streets, hospitable people, and gorgeous islands. We guide you to the best places to visit in Greece, also known as the ‘Cradle of Western Civilization’. Here are all those admirable things to do when in Greece, the tropical gem of Europe.

Travel 101: Top Things To Do In Greece

1. Trail up the Gorgeous Mount Olympus

Things to do in Greece - Mount Olympus

Take an adventurous trail up the tallest mountain of Greece. This is among one of the popular Greece activities. Visit the wonderful sanctuary set up in Dion to worship Zeus. Be astonished by the beauty of nature and an impressive body of rocks. You could choose the trail run that varies from 22 to 100 kilometres.

Timings: Based on the hiking tour

Average Price: Starting from $ 304.70

Pro tip: Relax and recover after the races at the nearby Litochoro Beach.

2. Fall in Love with Skopelos

One of the best islands in Greece, Skopelos is the greenest of all. Covered by beautiful pine trees and surrounded by crystalline blue waters, this is an incredible place to visit in Greece. Witness the chapel of St. John in Kastri around sunset for incredible views. The popular feel-good movie, Mamma Mia, was filmed on the island as well as mainland Greece.

Timings: 7 days tour

Average Price: $1518 (7 day trip to Skopelos for a solo traveler)

Pro tip: More than 67% of the island is covered with pine trees.

3. Wander the Wonders of the Acropolis

Things to do in Greece - Acropolis

Visit the Acropolis, the best thing to do in Athens Greece. Built-in 5 B.C. the fortress is considered the jewel of the Athenian civilization. Enter the Beule Gate from the west side of the hill and be awestruck by the architectural wonder. Witness the Parthenon and the Old Temple of Athena, epic Greece tourist attractions.

Timings: 8.oo am to 8.00 pm

Average Price: $36.56 (Joint Ticket)

Pro tip: You can buy a joint ticket for all Unification of Architectural sites and visit the Acropolis along with 10 other important Athens attractions.

4. Witness the Dramatic Sunset in Santorini

Santorini attraction is a crescent-shaped Cycladic island that emerged as a result of intense volcanic activity. It is surrounded by dramatic views of the Aegean Sea and a rocky caldera that is around 1100 feet above sea level. Watch spectacular sunset views across the bay and visit the towns of Fira and La. 

Timings: Tour timings

Average Price: Tour cost

Pro tip: The best time to visit Santorini is from September to October and April to May when the crowds are scarce.

5. Take an Excursion to Hydra Beaches

Things to do in Greece - Hydra Beaches

Hop on a boat and take a tour of the many beaches in Hydra. The most popular are Kaminia, Bisti, Vlichos, and Agios Nikolaos. Enjoy your day on the pebbled beaches with picturesque greenery, a popular thing to do in Greece. Stop by at a delicious fish tavern and cafeteria that lie along the coastline.

Timings: Tour Timings

Average Price: $1318 (one week tour for a family of two)

Pro tip: Try diving from a rock formation in Spilia, walking distance from Hydra Town.

6. Enjoy a Skiing Holiday in Arachova

Arachova is a cosmopolitan hangout in the winters and a top place to visit in Greece in December. Ski down the high-end slopes, stay in the luxury hotel, try gourmet restaurants, and enjoy plenty of nightlife. Mount Parnassos offers Greece’s biggest ski resort close to the village of Arachova. Visit the archaeological site of Delphi and enjoy terrific mountainous views.

Timings: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

Average Price: $97 (cost per night for a couple in a hotel)

Pro tip: Don’t forget to show off your expensive snow boots in the ‘Mykonos of the Winter’.

7. Hike Up to the Meteora

Hiking in Greece to the monasteries between pillars of rock is an incredible thing to do in Greece. The Meteora is perched on top of pillars of rock and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. A great place to visit in Greece in December, this is one of the 24 monasteries. You could even opt for a breathtaking hot air balloon ride over the unique geological formation.

Timings: Hiking Tour Timings

Average Price: $42.60 (Adult)

Pro tip: Rock climbing, mountain biking, and trekking are the activities you could try.

8. Dive into Mediterranean Waters in Santorini

Santorini tourists enthralled by diving must check out the beautiful Amoudi Bay. These striking cliffs of Santorini is a popular cliff jumping site. Swim among rocks in the beautiful bay or ascend the stairs to the huge rock for a dive of your lifetime. Visit Greece to feel the waters of the Mediterranean astound you.

Timings: Tour timings

Average Price: Tour cost

Pro tip: Select sunset restaurant and enjoy dinner with a view, possibly one of the best things to do in Greece.

9. Witness Splendid Sights at the Armeni Bay

Visit the beach of Armeni, one of the spectacular Oia beaches. Armeni was a harbour in the 19th-20th century. You can see shipyards here and a church dedicated to St Nikolas. Enjoy the tiny sandy beach with sparkling blue waters and wander the two caves at the foot of the cliff. Use the guidance of a diving centre if you want to wall dive once.

Timings: All-day

Average Price: $73.24 upwards (Wall Dive)

Pro tip: Access Armeni Bay from the steps in Oia.

10. Explore the Old City & the Palace of the Grand Master

The Palace of the Grand Master is a popular Greece tourist spot and is the crown of Rhodes Island. It takes you back to the 14th century with its elegant architecture, sculptures, marble, and ancient art. This is a famous archaeological site and one of the best places to visit in Greece if history is your thing. Wander the old town of Rhodes and also visit the Archeological Museum too.

Timings: 8.00 am to 3.00 pm

Average Price: $7.30

Pro tip: The palace is typically closed on Monday.

11. Visit the Historical White Tower

The whitewashed White Tower is the living symbol of Thessaloniki and carries a rich history. It was used as a fortification and also a famous prison called ‘Tower of Blood’. Enjoy the panoramic view from the top of the tower, a famous thing to do in Thessaloniki. Inside, you should also witness the museum, an interesting thing to do in Greece, especially if you are a history lover.

Timings: 11.00 am to 8.00 pm

Average Price: $2.44

Pro tip: You can visit the cute gift shop here for interesting souvenirs.

12. Party the Night Away at Mykonos

Throng the beaches as a Mykonos tourist and revel on the dazzling sands. Enjoy the night clubs until dawn at one of the wild beaches of Mykonos. Pick from one of the beaches such as Paraga and Psarou for beach parties, Elia for its white sandy tranquillity, or Kalafatis for water sports. If you want refuge from the crowd, then head to the Agios Ioannis for windsurfing.

Timings: 8.00 pm to 6.00 am

Average Price: Moderate

Pro tip: Shop for excellent art, casual fashion, souvenirs, and jewelry in Mykonos.

13. Stay Awestruck at the Minoan Ruins of Knossos

The ruins of Knossos is a best-preserved bronze age relic. A top tourist spot in Crete, the site is an incredible Greece attraction. Located in one of the popular cities to visit in Greece, the ruins help you catch a glimpse of the past. Wander the maze of workrooms, central square, living spaces, and storerooms. It is located near the north coast of Crete.

Timings: 8.00 am to 8.00 pm

Average price: $18.28

Pro tip: The palace was the political center of the Minoan civilization.

14. Take a Perfect Cyclades Island-Hopping Adventure

The best islands in Greece can be toured with a private island hopping package. Hop on a ferry to visit some amazing islands such as Mykonos, Santorini, and Rhodes. Discover the unending adventure of the vibrant Greek islands. Go on a ferry hopping tour that starts from Athens, one of the adventurous things to do in Greece.

Timings: Based on the tour

Average Price: Tour cost

Pro tip: The best selling package should have 7 days in Santorini and Mykonos.

15. Stare Amazed at The Temple of Olympian Zeus

The popular Greece sightseeing spot is the Temple of Olympian. The colossal temple at the centre of the Greek capital is a popular Athens Greece tourist attraction. It is dedicated to Olympian Zeus, the head of the Olympian gods. Witness the ancient Greek temple with the sixteen of the original gigantic columns still intact. This is an important archaeological Greece attraction.

Timings: 7.30 am to 7.30 pm

Average Price: $7.31  

Pro tip: It is also known as the Columns of the Olympian Zeus.

16. Witness the beauty of Samaria Gorge

The stunning protected gorge is a beautiful place in Greece to visit. The Samaria Gorge is a World Biosphere Reserve and a National Park of Greece. Walkthrough the gorge for breathtaking views of high cliffs and experience the coastal village of Agia Roumeli. This is one of the best Greece tourist attractions on the splendid island of Crete.

Timings: 6.00 am to 4.00 pm

Average Price: $6.10 (children below age 15 years free)

Pro tip: A small bus waits at the exit that will bring you to the coast of the village Agia Roumeli for a small fee of $2.44.

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