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10 Best Places To Visit In Dammam That Will Leave You Amazed

Dammam is the fifth most populous city in Saudi Arabia and embraces a pristine blue sky, tranquil waterfront promenades, and architectural marvels among other attractions. There are plenty of places to visit in the desert city that brims with entertainment parks, museums, marketplaces, dramatic coastline and more.  We list the 10 best places to visit in Dammam for a quintessential holiday experience.

Top 10 Places To Visit In Dammam

Dammam Corniche – a charming picnic spot

10 Best Places To Visit In Dammam That Will Leave You Amazed

Dammam Corniche is a top tourist attraction with mind-boggling scenery, sea views and historical places nearby. Capture the mesmerizing aura of the corniche that begins from Aziziah Beach until Tarot Island. This is a paradise for nature lovers to find peace in its tranquillity. The beautiful landscape, nearby restaurants, boating and play areas for kids make it an ideal picnic spot with your family.

The Heritage Village – for exquisite cultural vibes

Heritage Village
Source: Wafyapp

Among the top places to visit, The Heritage Village is a must-include in your itinerary. Here you get vintage vibes and a glimpse into the past rich culture of Saudi. The classical era with its fascinating artefacts and historical architecture will leave you mesmerized. Relish the traditional ambience and delight in mouth-watering cuisine in restaurants and cafes during your day of exploration. This is among the best places in Dammam to visit as a culture lover.

Al Marjan Island – your honeymoon paradise

Al Marjan Island, places to visit in Dammam

Al Marjan Island is a perfect place to visit for a blissful honeymoon experience. The man-made island embraces beautiful beaches, lush greenery, a dramatic coastline and a paradisal ecstasy. The crystal clear turquoise waters, barbecue spots and tranquil aura make the island a top pick for family picnics and outings. Enjoy boat rides, and savour exotic cuisine with ocean views as you stay the night in the many hotels nearby for a lavish stay.

Dolphin Village – a complete entertainment zone

Dolphin Village

One of the best places to visit in Dammam with kids, the Dolphin Village oozes excitement and entertainment. The amusement park features famous dolphin shows, sea lion shows, a swimming pool with slides and a lot of kiddie rides. The dolphins entertain with acrobatics while the water park with an array of sports activities. Relish halal food in a plethora of restaurants in the village and enjoy one of the top attractions in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The museum of wildlife, a cave terror, a large aquarium, food & drinks stalls and more make this a top tourist attraction.

King Fahad Park – find peace in nature’s lap

King Fahad Park, places to visit in Dammam
Source: Almosafer

This is one of the biggest parks in Saudi Arabia which is a sprawling oasis of nature and entertainment. Visit a top tourist attraction in Dammam, an expansive emerald park, home to a diverse number of trees and flowering plants and lush beauty. There is also an amusement park with a multitude of rides, including the famous Cobra ride, which has become a local attraction of sorts. Stroll the beautiful walkways amid sprinkling water fountains and enjoy a perfect sunset view.

Taybeen Museum – venture back in time

Taybeen Museum
Source: Wafyapp

Tour the Taybeen Museum for an experience of quirky vintage collections, a place to find forgotten toys, treasures and other age-old tangibles. This is among the best places to visit in Dammam, for a trip through history. Admire more than 10,000 original items and also browse through old novels, and buy games invented decades ago. Among the top tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia, the museum is filled with memorabilia, especially for those born in the 60s and 70s.

King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) – landmark Islamic cultural attraction

King Abdulaziz Center For World Culture

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture is the only centre in Saudi Arabia that focuses on contemporary Arab culture. It has hosted important exhibitions showcasing art and design from around the world. You can attend cultural events that are geared at presenting the latest in literature, theatre, music and film. This is among the best places to visit for Saudi heritage experiences.

Tarout Castle – a fairytale outing

Tarout Castle, places to visit in Dammam

Discover the majestic castle which is located 30 km from Dammam and lies off the coast of Qatif. The iconic edifice is situated on top of a hill and exhibits the ancient era that will enlighten you. Book a tour guide of the popular tourist attraction and also explore the nearby villages. Immerse in local traditions in this fairytale experience in a castle that looks more beautiful at twilight. Tarout Island is home to some of Saudi Arabia’s beaches, a top place to chill and beat the heat.

Half Moon Bay – nature`s beauty

Half Moon Bay
Source: dbr

The bay is among the best places to visit in Dammam to spend some time away from the humdrum. Surrounded by beautiful palm trees, it offers a serene environment with numerous umbrellas and seating by the beach. You can plan a stay in one of the world-class Saudi resorts or satisfy your cravings at a plethora of restaurants by the bay. The mesmeric aura, cool surroundings and sunset magic make this a popular place to visit. The Half Moon Bay beach is among the best attractions in Dammam for a family outing.

Marina Mall – a shoppers retreat

Marina Mall
Source: inspirock

Looking for retail therapy, then head to the famous Marina Mall, a top tourist attraction in Dammam. It is located in a prime area and offers everything from cafes, entertainment zones and family shopping with a park on the top floor. The cafes and restaurants serve Saudi delights to satiate your taste buds. You can get a fascinating view of the Gulf on one side of the mall and the several retail outlets make it among the best places to visit for a budget-friendly outing. Marvel at the creativity of designers’ stores and floor glass walls that offer views of the sea outside.

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