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Offbeat Things To Do In Bali

Welcome To Bali, the Island of Gods! The mere mention of Bali evokes vivid imagery of rippling rice paddies, tranquil beaches, unique culture, pristine landscapes and heaving crowds! Bali, a paradise found, is more than a destination; it’s a mood, an aspiration, a tropical state of mind. So, as a result, travellers flock to this popular destination to experience the quintessential Bali charm with a generous side of Sun, surf and sand! With awe-inspiring panoramas, dense layers of culture and year-round balmy temperatures, Bali calls out like a beacon to adventurers, sun-seekers and travellers alike. But don’t lose hope just yet!

The beauty of Bali is that it can be anything you want it to be! Skip the long queues and the usual Instagram spots! Instead, discover a secret waterfall, visit Africa-like savannahs, explore unspoiled beaches, dive deep into the ocean, and more! There are so many little-known treasures waiting to be explored on this magical island. Here’s a preview of some of the offbeat things to do in Bali.

Snorkel in Bali’s tropical waters surrounded by splendor

Offbeat Things To Do In Bali

All set to doze off in your sun lounger already? Hold up. Lying at the centre of the Coral Triangle, Indonesia boasts some of the richest marine life on the planet. And, Bali, where gin-clear waters lap the golden sand, has its share of top diving and snorkeling spots. The entire north coast is a watery wonderland, especially for diving and snorkelling aficionados. Snorkelers can spy on coral reefs within reach of the beach (try the island of Nusa Lembongan). Better yet, wriggle into a wetsuit and dive among green sea turtles, barracuda, and colourful reef-dwellers like yellow boxfish. If you’re lucky, dolphins and whale sharks might pay you a visit.

Surf the ‘Balinese Pipeline’

surfing in Uluwatu, Padang

If surfing is your first love then Bali is the perfect destination for you. The island is well known for its legendary surfing spots such as Uluwatu, Padang Padang (“Balinese Pipeline”) and the aptly named ‘Impossibles’, and much more. Novice surfers can hit Canggu and Kuta Beach to catch some mellow waves to find their feet. However, the high tide at Kuta is known for its steep and heavy shore-breakers that can be challenging even for skilled surfers. However, a lot of beginners find out the hard way that high tide at Kuta brings steep, heavy shore-breakers that are often challenging even for experienced surfers. Aim to have your lessons close to low tide and save the tougher waves for later in your surfing career.

Go on a safari in Bali’s wild west

West Bali National Park, things to do in Bali

Escape to the serene zenscape adorned with lush green forests, exotic wildlife and the sound of the jungle, also known as West Bali. Take the road less taken and embark on a wildlife safari to the West Bali National Park. If you’re lucky, you get to watch endangered Bali starlings dash through the trees, herds of Menjangan deers cooling off by the beach, wild ebony leaf monkeys meandering through the sun-lit canopies, macaques running wild, and giant monitor lizards crawling through the forest. You can either opt for a guided tour or go for adventurous treks on your own.

Live the yogi dream

Yoga in Bali

While the art of yoga originated in India, it’s the serene island of Bali that’s become an ideal sanctuary for learning and practising yoga. Bali offers the perfect balance between the possibilities for connecting with the yogi community and the right to privacy when you’d rather retreat into silence. In fact, Ubud has made a name for itself as Southeast Asia’s yoga capital. Yogis from diverse backgrounds, come seeking asylum from an impetuous life to retreat within the verdant landscape of Bali and connect to their innate power.

Spirituality and mindfulness are deeply rooted in Balinese culture and religion, offering an oasis of peace for the body, mind and soul. So, it’s no surprise that world-class yoga studios and retreats have blossomed on the island. Surrounded by lush surroundings, tropical forests and clear waters, the island of Gods offers an enriching yoga experience. So, the next time you’re looking to align your chakras and gain true inner peace, Bali is the paradise you need to visit to revive, re-energise, and rejuvenate.

The Mt. Batur sunrise trek

Mt. Batur trek

If climbing an active volcano while watching an out-of-the-world sunrise has been on your bucket list, today’s the day to tick it off! Say hello to the majestic and volcanic Mount Batur! The 1717m (5633ft) summit of the Batur volcano is perhaps the best place to soak in the multi-hued sunrise. Are you wondering if waking up at an ungodly hour to be at the peak of the mountain is worth it? Well, it absolutely is! The 3.5km Mount Batur sunrise trek is a magical experience. From the edge of the crater rim, behold the sight of both Mt. Agung, the tallest summit on the island and a revered spiritual abode in Balinese culture, as well as the outlying presence of Mt. Rinjani on Lombok.

Capture Asia’s most colourful traditional fishing fleet

Perancak, things to do in Bali

Imagine you’re sitting on an eclectically decorated kayak in an estuary, glancing towards a quaint village on the coast and the only structure of note is a whitewashed Balinese temple that soars like an angel over terracotta rooftops. Peaceful, isn’t it? But that’s not all! Anchored on the coast is a fleet of multicoloured fishing boats adorned with elongated headpieces, intricate carvings, vibrant flags and banners. More of these psychedelic boats pass, heading out to sea as the sun sets over the estuary.

Welcome to Perancak, a fishing village on Bali’s little-visited west coast.

A must-see in Bali, the fleet of selerek aka the incredible traditional Balinese fishing boats of Perancak is a sight to behold. Decorated in every colour under the sun, the psychedelic ships will astound any visitor who takes the trouble to reach this unspoiled corner of West Bali.

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