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List of Top 10 Hotels In Al Ula With World Class Lodging Features

In the heart of the Arabian peninsula is a rising gem that has become the talk of the town and is called Al Ula. Al Ula has become extremely popular with tourists travelling to the region for its numerous hidden treasures. The region of Al Ula is an upcoming destination for travellers looking to explore the gems of Saudi Arabia. With the increasing popularity of the region, there are several lodging facilities that are coming up in Al Ula. And we had the opportunity to explore some of these exquisite and marvelous lodging facilities in Al Ula. Below is an interesting read on the list of top ten hotels in Al Ula with world class lodging facilities.

Best Hotels In Al Ula

Mabiti Al Ula Hotel

Mabiti Al Ula Hotel, Saudi Arabia

The first lodging facility on the list of hotels in Al Ula brings us to Mabiti Al Ula Hotel. The property boasts of a shared lounge. Rooms with views of the lush green lawns that adorn the property. The property offers a 24 hours reception, room service and tours in and around Al Ula. Each room has its own private fully furnished cloakroom including slippers and bed linen. The hotel lies at an approximate distance of twenty km from the Madain Saleh tombs and twenty-three from the nearest airport.

Contact: +966 55 572 9557

Waad Al Ula Hotel Apartment

Waad Al Ula Hotel Apartment, Saudi Arabia

The next lodging facility on the list of hotels in Al Ula is the Waad Al Ula Hotel Apartment. The property lies in the vicinity of twenty-eight km from Madain Saleh. With a private restaurant that lies within the property. The restaurant offers an authentic Saudi dining experience along with a unique experience of Saudi hospitality. The lodging offers 24 hours reception, room service. And an excellent concierge experience in Al Ula. Every room has a furnished bathroom, flat-screen TVs and several other luxury amenities. The hotel lies at an approximate distance of fifty-five km from the nearest airport of Prince Abdul Majeed bin Abdulaziz Domestic airport.


Almazham Farmhouse

Almazham Farmhouse, Al Ula

The search for the best hotels in Al Ula brings us to Almazham Farm House that lies in close proximity to Madain Saleh. The farmhouse resembles a small contemporary cottage that lies in the middle of the desert. The unique vacation home lies at a mere ten-minute drive from Al Ula Museum and Al Ula Old Town. Every room in the farmhouse has its own kitchen. With each room equipped with a television and an electronic safe. Keep in mind, the room service is only available at certain hours. So, make sure to either order in advance or pack snacks for your trip. If you plan on being cost-effective with your travel budget.

Contact: N/A

Shaden Desert Resort

Shaden Desert Resort, Al Ula

In search of the best hotels in Al Ula, we arrive at our next lodging facility, Shaden Resort & Hotels. Shaden Desert Resort boasts of a lounge available for access on sharing basis. The resort offers a swimming pool, a restaurant and rooms with views of the mountain surrounding the desert resort. The accommodation offers free Wi-fi and every room comes equipped with a flat-screen TV, private bathroom with bathrobes. And several high-end luxury amenities. Some rooms come with a small balcony with views of the pool. The desert resort is home to a sun terrace with international breakfast made available every morning at the breakfast tent.


Gathern Accommodations

Gathern Accommodations, Al Ula

Al Ula’s greatest treasures lie in the accommodations that are strategically available in different locations. That brings out the beauty of the landscape. A few such unique destinations belong to Gathern Accommodations that have several properties spread across Al Ula. That serves as a rental vacation home that one can rent out for a unique experience at any one or all of these locations. Each having its own unique selling points. So, you can choose from the different options that best fits your personal taste and preference. All these rental homes have the best in class amenities that ensure an unforgettable experience. The majority of these properties offer amenities. Like jacuzzi, barbeque corner, wood-burning stove, microwave, electric kettle and many more useful basics.


Banyan Tree Al Ula

Banyan Tree Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

One of the best hotels in Al Ula coming up in the region is the Banyan Tree, Al Ula in the Ashar valley. The property is one of the most anticipated properties to come up in the region. And is going to make its debut in the third or fourth quarter of the financial year 2022. The property will be a collection of tents that would form a resort with amenities that defy the local norm. The entire property draws its inspiration from the 200,000 years of heritage hidden in the world’s largest living museum. The luxury resort lies at a short flight distance from Jeddah and Riyadh. Spa, fitness centre, yoga, beauty salon are some of the modern amenities that would be part of the unique experience.


Aman Resort

Aman Resort, Al Ula

A dream hotel brand known for its vision of providing the best in class luxury, is AMAN Hotels & Resorts. The owners of the AMAN properties have made an announcement about them entering the Saudi market. The entry would see the brand come up with three uniquely designed properties in Saudi Arabia. With the first one planned for Al Ula at the beginning of the year 2023. Al Ula is all set to become the pinnacle of luxury and travel in the near future.


Habitas Al Ula

Habitas Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

One of the top hotels in Al Ula includes the Habitas that sits in the heart of the region as a modern jewel. The unique and spectacular resort has a pathway that goes around the property. Leading guests to the different uniquely designed 96 rooms in the property. The rooms are categorized into three categories namely the Alcove rooms, the Canyon rooms and the premium Celestial rooms. The property also offers its guests wellness and fitness centers, a swimming pool, a restaurant and a yoga deck. Habitas is an experience-oriented hospitality brand that focuses on building a unique experience that portrays in their uniquely designed resort.


Sahary Al Ula Resort

Sahary Al Ula Resort, Saudi Arabia

The second lodging property to make to our list of the top hotels in Al Ula is the Sahary Al Ula Resort. The Sahary Al Ula resort boasts 80 contemporary rooms designed around luxury and style. The rooms range from a standard room to a Superior Suite. The resort houses an all-day dining restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The property offers 24×7 room service which is available at an extra charge. The resort lies strategically on the crossroads of paths leading to Al Ula and Madain Saleh. Making the resort a perfect location to experience the desert lifestyle.


Canyon RV

Canyon RV, Al Ula

The property that tops the list of hotels in Al Ula is the Canyon RV. Yes, you heard it right RV, which stands for Recreational vehicle. This unique idea of camping in the desert in a luxurious RV is one of its kind in the region. The Airstream company specializes in the creation of custom RV’s fitted with unique luxury amenities depending on the owner’s request. The RV’s at the Canyon RV offer top contemporary amenities known to man. The RV’s house has a private bathroom, a kitchen, a small patio with views of the surrounding valley. And the RV’s form a circle around a community fire pit with cosy seatings offering a panoramic view of the clear Arabic night sky. The front office staff is available 24 hours a day and one can even order for a continental breakfast on charge the night prior.


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