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Heaven On Earth At Habitas AlUla Saudi Arabia: Top 10 Reasons Why

Looking to spend tranquil times away from the hustle and bustle in a sustainable hotel in Saudi Arabia? Habitas Saudi Arabia is a whole new world for holistic well-being in AlUla, the world`s masterpiece. Located amongst dramatic sandstone cliffs and the archaeological remains of Hegra lie Habitas AlUla. We give you the top 10 reasons to fall in love with this heaven on earth. Habitas AlUla bookings are now open and is a much sought-after AlUla hotel. We tell you why. Be inspired!

AlUla Desert Landscapes: Curated To Nature

Where is Habitas AlUla? Set in the desert canyons of Ashar Valley in AlUla, Habitas blends seamlessly with the rugged heritage and landscape of the surrounding Hegra, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The cultural oasis of AlUla only officially opened to international travellers full-time in 2020. You’ll see sand-drifted canyons, red-rock cliff faces, and distinctive outcrops and rock formations surrounded by seas of desert sand deposits. 

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Habitas AlUla

Recharge & Rejuvenate: @ Thuraya Wellness 

Heaven On Earth At Habitas AlUla Saudi Arabia: Top 10 Reasons Why

So, why not recharge your batteries and give healthy living a chance by booking into an AlUla well-being retreat? Address mind and body issues, and rediscover your spark with yoga and spa therapy. The exotic treatments are inspired by the natural elements that help you reconnect with your inner strength. Thuraya Wellness offers a spacious lounge consisting of an alchemy bar, spa treatment rooms, a fitness centre, an outdoor wellness agora and a yoga studio.

Luxe Experiential Rooms: Inspired By Desert Hues

Luxe Experential Rooms

Habitas AlUla offers 96 sustainably designed premium Celestial Villas, Alcove Villas and Canyon Villas with an earthy palette. Set in the desert canyons of Ashar Valley AlUla, the property provides adults-only accommodations with 5-star luxury. The scenic canyon views, private outdoor lounge decks, king-sized beds, indoor & outdoor showers, and more are features of the luxe stay. Book online for deals and offerings at Habitas AlUla Saudi Arabia price.

Adventure and Cultural Activities: Become One with Arabic Heritage

Adventure and Cultural Activities

Here at Habitas Saudi, choose from an array of adventure activities from desert excursions, canyon trekking, horseback riding, traditional music lectures, art walks, and Arabic Calligraphy classes on offer. Book tour visits with a Rawi to Hegra, A UNESCO Heritage site to explore over 100 tombs, Old Town to immerse in the times of yesteryears, and discover the Desert X interactive art from renowned artists spread across the venue. Look for Habitas AlUla reviews online and experience this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sustainability Experiences: An Eco-Friendly Wonderous Resort

Sustainaility Experiences

Habitas AlUla is constructed from ethically-sourced organic materials, which blend seamlessly into their natural surroundings. This is the best example of Adventure Ecotourism combining outdoor activities with environmental and cultural conservation. Right from check-in, check out, programming and other features,  everything is guided by the goodness of nature. But how to get to Habitas AlUla? The nearest airport is Prince Abdul Majeed bin Abdulaziz Domestic, just 25 miles from the accommodation. Avail of the airport shuttle services and experience an ancient oasis surrounded by sandstone cliffs.

Indulge in Middle-Eastern Cuisine: Flavours & Beyond

Indulge in middle eastern cuisine at Habitas AlUla

Arabic hospitality from Family Dinners to Welcome Ceremony rituals brings the Kingdom`s goodness to life. Indulge in the culinary journey at Tama which means ‘here and now’ in Aramaic, a language that is 3000 years old. The dishes hold within them the essence of fresh spices from the incense route. Let Saudi Arabia satisfy your hunger pangs and taste buds with seasonal flavours that use ingredients sourced from the communities surrounding AlUla Saudi Arabia.

Sound of Arabic Music: Heartbeat of Habitas

Sounds of Arabic Music

HABITAS Sounds is a carefully curated playlist that connects your soul to the range of borderless cultures. Emotions reach a profound high of the common language that music is as the soundtrack plays that is curated by the musician Eduardo Castillo. The air fills with the intertwining of musical sounds that weave the various cultures with the sound of music. Listen and break the air of silence in the rhythms that define the various elements of the world.

Moments of Stillness & Calm: Detox & Unwind

Moments of Stillness and Calm

With the wonders of the peaceful Arabian desert and a chance to connect with nature, Habitats is where you can return to simpler times. Understand the stories of the stars as you stargaze the stillness of the Arabic skies. Unwind, relax and refresh with a swim amid majestic mountains or enjoy the spectacle of amber glows during sunset. Recharge at the Habitas AlUla Saudi Arabia and connect with music, culture, art, adventure wellness, nature and more.

Off-The-Radar Destination: Customize Your Adventure

Off the radar destination at Habitas AlUla

Habitas AlUla is where you can connect with nature and explore your outdoor adventurous side. The resort offers a mix of culture, wellness and adventure as a program. You can choose from mountain climbing, desert buggy riding, canyon trekking, camel riding, stargazing and more. There are programs for wellness and culture tours. You can book a tour of famous landmarks in AlUla such as Hegra and the Old Town. An outdoor wellness agora, a yoga studio and a spacious lounge add to the distinct immersive experiences at the luxury resort.

Escape to Caravan: A Luxury Glamping Spot

Escape to Caravan at Habitas AlUla
Source: Breaking Travel News

Caravan by Habitas is a sister property located within a few minutes drive. The 22 retro Airstreams are trailers that represent modern hotel rooms come with scenic views and private decks. There is a central gathering tent to encourage interactions and human connections. There are daily activities and you could look for the best deals online. The allure of the desert and rugged landscape makes for an awe-inspiring stay. Venture to seek remote stillness and a unique sense of adventure.

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