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23+ Cheapest Places To Travel In 2022

Are you looking for a budget holiday that will allow you a stay for longer and is a cheap destination to travel to? Travel to many destinations in 2022 that offer the essentials such as accommodation, food and transportation for less. These are our top picks for the cheapest places to travel in 2022. Travelling the world can be insanely cheap if you find the right places. So, get your wings to fly again and travel to gorgeous destinations that don’t cost a fortune to visit.

Top Cheapest Places To Travel In 2022

Vietnam, Asia


Looking for the healthiest and the cheapest street food, then Vietnam is your choice for a holiday. Savour rice noodles with an amazing broth or a whole shank of pork for about $1.50. Rent a motorbike for the cheapest mode of transport from GrabBike, and you are set for the day. The long-distance buses and trains are very affordable too. Accommodation is easy to find and pleasant with reasonable prices per night. Vietnam is among the cheapest places to travel to in 2022.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 30

Recommended for: Backpacking, history, beaches, jungles, natural terrain, food and more.

North Thailand, Asia

north thailand

If you are going to Thailand on a shoestring budget and a top budget destination in the world then head north. Even in popular places such as Pai and Chiang Mai you can find hostel accommodation for less than $5 per night. Gorge into street food and experience authentic local cuisine to save yourself some money. Visiting the White Temple, hiking or day trips do not cost a lot of money. With meals at $5 to $15 per day, you could pick a few bucket list things to do for a great time.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 30

Recommended for: Food, history, culture, hiking, beaches, Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, The Killing Fields, The Silver Pagoda, Royal Palace and more.

The Philippines, Asia


While Philippines travel can be quite expensive, we recommend you pick a shoulder season to holiday here. Book your flights and accommodations way in advance and try to stick within 1-2 regions of the archipelago. The country offers beautiful dive sites, gorgeous islands and plenty of hidden sightseeing gems. You can get accommodation for $7 to $13 per night in a hostel while a motorbike hire for a day can cost about $10 to $15 per day. Philippines is among the most beautiful places to travel in the world.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 35 (shoulder season)

Recommended for: Wanderlovers, friendly locals, beaches, adventure tours, island hopping, gorgeous sunsets and more.

Morocco, North Africa

Morocco village

Explore beautiful spots in Morocco, a country less challenging than Western Europe for a cheap holiday. From popular cities such as Marrakech and Essaouira for chaotic medinas, Casablanca for mosques to Tangier for splendid beaches. You could spend about $28 per day and still include one of the top experiences of night camping beneath the stars. Among the budget destinations in the world, Morocco is a top choice.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 28 

Recommended for: Solo travel, mosques, art & culture, food, medieval medinas, Bahia Palace, Ouzoud Falls, amusement parks and more.

Canada, North America


Among the best places to travel in 2022, Canada is a vast and versatile country. With immaculate beaches, shimmering lakes, national parks and astounding historical monuments, you can plan here the best family budget place to visit in the world. The good news is with a little research and planning you can travel in Canada by renting a car as low as $12.87 per day and opt for home-sharing services. Take a room in a hostel, eat smart and affordable, book your tickets in advance and have a great time within a budget.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 28 

Recommended for: Camping, music, food, art festivals, outdoors, galleries, museums and more.

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Mexico, North America


Mexico is one of the cheapest places to travel in the world and easy to reach from America. Cancun, San Jose del Cabo and Puerto Vallarta are the cheapest with January being the most affordable month. The warm beaches, museums, rich Aztec heritage and more make the country one of the top budget destinations in the world. Mexico is highly affordable where rates for accommodation for two people in a 3-star hotel could be as low as $50 per night in Cancun.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 35

Recommended for: Ruins, beaches, food, mountains, volcanoes, adventure sports, artwork and more.

Kenya, East Africa


Kenya is among the top cheapest places to travel in 2022 for wildlife adventures and safaris. Expect to pay around $15 per night for a hotel and make your budget holiday a safari dream. The diverse country has many places that offer wildlife encounters for a reasonable price. Non-street lunch meals in a mediocre restaurant cost about $2.36 to $5.89 per dish. The Masai Mara National Reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park and Samburu Game Reserve among others are some of the best safari experiences to check out.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 50

Recommended for: Wildlife adventures, safaris, nature, Great Migration, private conservancies, eco-friendly accommodation and more.

Istanbul, Turkey


One of the best family budget places to visit in the world, the destination has merged on the top. A luxury hotel won’t cost more than $100 per night while a budget hotel is available for as low as $20 per night on average. Indulge in delightful cuisine, explore Turkish handicrafts and discover one of the most beautiful places in the world. The captivating history in one of the most influential places in the world is a delightful holiday.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 90 per person (for a luxury break)

Recommended for: Culture, vibrant nightlife, shopping, Turkish food, city tour, natural beauty and more.

Laos, Southeast Asia

Laos asia

Laos is a top budget destination in the world and yet another affordable country to visit. From Buddist temples, waterfalls and lush forests this is a paradise destination for outdoor enthusiasts. There are plenty of picturesque places, temples, shrines and amazing architecture to see. Visit the PhaPheng Falls, the Tat Sae Falls, the Kuang Si Falls and more. Entry fees to all man-made and natural attractions usually cost as low as $2. 

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 30  

Recommended for: Nature, adventure, countryside, remote villages, treks, mountains, jungles and more.

Poland, Europe

poland city

Home to photogenic architecture and museums, this country is one of the most affordable destinations in the world. You most likely can enter the country’s popular attractions for about $5 to $10. Explore fascinating museums and historical sights where photography is free. Big plates of hearty local food can be bought for less than $10 and hostels cost around $8 to $10 per night. Get a feel of western Europe but without high prices and crowded attractions. No wonder it is one of the cheapest places to travel in 2022 for travelers around the world.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 25 

Recommended for: Food, culture, museums, history, architecture, nature, skiing (winter season), beaches and more.

South Africa, Africa

south africa

If you are travelling in USD, the exchange rate itself will do you a favour and give you a budget-friendly holiday. This is a top cheapest travel destination in 2002 where the country offers backpacker accommodations. In beautiful settings, each with a unique personality. Food though is expensive and it is recommended to cook your food to save. Grocery stores are plentiful and have reasonable prices. The cheapest way to get around the country is to rent a car and share with 3 others or more. Meals come at $12 to $15 per day while accommodation at $12 to $15 per night in a ‘backpackers’.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 40 

Recommended for: Stunning topography, nature, culture, charming towns, varied scenery and more.

Nepal, South Asia


One of the cheapest countries to explore for an adventure tour is Nepal, an Asian country. Hike Mount Everest is a bucket list attraction, especially for the fit and ambitious travellers. However, this is an extremely expensive experience, and hence we recommend hiking some less touristy mountains. Stay in cosy guest houses that provide home-cooked meals for just $10 to $20 per day. Nepal makes it among the top budget destinations in the world.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 30 

Recommended for: Organic farms, treks, volunteering, mountain views, culture, history and more.

El Salvador, Central America

El salvador

Also among the top cheapest tourist destinations in 2022, El Salvador is a small place packed with natural beauty. From history to nature, explore waterfalls, fascinating Mayan ruins and archaeological sites here. The food is the cheapest if you stick to local dishes for just around $3 per plate. You can travel on a backpacker budget to a perfect country to visit cheap.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 25 to 30 

Recommended for: Beaches, archaeological sites, food, outdoor activities, arts & crafts, Museum of Popular Art and more.

Romania, Europe


Romania is a truly hidden gem of Europe and is extremely cheap. Visit the best family budget place in the world for the Transylvania region which is home to many castles and colourful villages. Explore also the wilderness and the incredible Carpathian Mountains and beaches bordering the Black Sea. You will probably spend only $30 to $40 per day if you are a budget traveller as this is one of the top cheapest travel destinations in 2022.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 30 to 40 

Recommended for: Forests, vineyards, Black Sea beaches, snow-capped mountains and more.

Cambodia, Southwest Asia


One of the most beautiful places in the world and notoriously cheap, Cambodia is filled with art, history, architecture and mindblowing natural landscapes. It perhaps is the cheapest country to visit in Southeast Asia. Include in your visit sightseeing magnificent ancient Khmer temples in Siem Reap and museums and palaces in the capital city of Phnom Penh. You could rent a hostel for as little as $4 per night and get a full meal for $1.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 40 

Recommended for: Pepper farms, temples, history, culture, nature, hospitality and more.

Nicaragua, Central America


This is one of the most affordable destinations in the world if you are looking for a budget-friendly holiday. There are short and cheap flights from the U.S.A and the food prices are also low. This gorgeous country is famous for its party beach towns called San Juan Del Sur and Granada. Check out the gorgeous surroundings and enjoy hiking, surfing, sandboarding, colonial architecture and more.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 30 

Recommended for: Food, dramatic terrains, volcanoes, lakes, beaches, Spanish colonial architecture and more.

Bulgaria, Europe


A top budget destination in the world, Bulgaria in Central America is a good choice. Locals are extremely welcoming and the country is one of the cheapest places to trave in 2022. Visit the capital city Sofia for walking tours and indulge in culture and history. Hostels cost on average $5 to $9 per night and you can treat yourself to an amazing meal at a trendy restaurant for as much as $20 or less. You could add the country to your Europe travel bucket list which is not very touristy and affordable.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 50 

Recommended for: Historical architecture, natural beauty, food,  beaches, nightlife and more.

Indonesia, Asia


Indonesia is among the most affordable destinations in the world, especially in terms of food and housing. It is however the activities that can impact your budget, so book in advance. You should plan to spend around $50 per day when past travellers budgeted for $13 on meals per day. Local transportation is also cheap where for $6.46 per day on average you can get around the place. Buy local, try ojek, go in the right season, use public transport and stay in a hostel or kost.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 50 

Recommended for: Mountains, island vibes, Borobudur Temple, Seminyak, Gili Islands, adventure and more.

India, Asia

taj mahal india

India is just the place to visit for the best family budgeted holiday. You can find beautiful mountains, wildlife tours, culinary delights, romantic sights and more. With a favourable exchange rate from rupees to dollars, you can get by at around $30 in most Indian cities per day. Stay in one of the cosy guest houses that provide accommodation for $15 per night. Kevin Mercier, a travel blogger said that India is the place to visit in 2022, so start researching to take a vacation here.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 30 to USD 50

Recommended for: Mountains, plains, backwaters, beaches, religious sites, food, local beverages, romantic hill stations and more.

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Chicago, Illinois


If you want to see rock-bottom prices in Chicago then travel in winter. You get all kinds of things to do in this winter wonderland. Visit Maggie Daley Park, The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago History Museum among others. The ‘Windy City’ will cost you around $37 on meals and $29 on local transportation per day on an average.  Think of travelling as a pair since travelling together has a lower budget than if alone for one person. This is among the top cheapest places to travel in 2022 with beautiful attractions.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 50 to USD 80 (winter season)

Recommended for: Skyscrapers, museums, art scene, food, culture, Lake Michigan and more. 

Uzbekistan, Europe


Uzbekistan is an extremely affordable destination to travel to in terms of its western counterparts. You can enter mosques, museums, and madrasas for as low as $2. Get around by affordable train and stay in a hostel or guesthouse to save travel costs. Take the Silk Road journey and discover the age-old trading route. Visit the Aral Sea and Tashkent, the urban capital among other attractions. You can easily call Uzbekistan among the top cheapest travel destinations in 2022. At as cheap as $35 per day you can get by with ease.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 35 to USD 50 

Recommended for: History, archaeology, natural treasures, Silk Road cities, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and more. 

Georgia, Europe

georgia mountains

The gorgeous destination is one of the most underrated in Europe and is among the most beautiful places in the world. Accommodation in quality hostels is reasonable and you can get a meal at a local restaurant for as low as $3. Transportation on the minibus is less than $1 and entrance fees to museums and historical sites cost less than $2.That said, the locals are warm and welcoming and hitchhiking for short distances is safe. You can spend months on day trips, jokes, visiting monasteries and more.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 25 to USD 30 

Recommended for: Remote villages, churches, Tbilisi, Winery, cave cities, Joseph Stalin Museum and more.

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Croatia, Balkans

croatia balkans

Choose Croatia, one of the cheapest places to travel in 2022! With thousands of islands, excellent weather between May and October and turquoise waters holiday here next. The essentials such as food, accommodation and transportation come with a reasonable tag. Wander to be marvelled by the cute towns, architecture and sights such as the Museum of Broken Relationships. Travel during the shoulder season and avoid July to August which are the busiest months. Meals can be bought for $10 to $15 per day and accommodation in a hostel costs around $12 to $16 per night. 

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 40 

Recommended for: Culture, sunshine, weather, ports, nature, islands, nature, attractions and more.

Guatemala, Central America


Take a Central American adventure on a budget and check out Guatemala. Indulge in lush jungles, volcanoes, and ruins and take a break. Participate in outdoor sports, wander colonial cities and see stunning architecture. Local delicious food is as cheap as $3 for a full meal (except in Antigua). Local transportation can be very cheap and locals take the chicken buses which are converted from school buses. You can take a full day ride in a chicken bus for as low as $1 to $3 per day. Accommodation is $10 to $15 per night in a hostel and SIM cards with 30-day validity are affordable. It is one of the cheapest places to travel in 2022 in Central America.

Approximate Cost Per Day: USD 35

Recommended for: Mayan ruins, the colonial city of Antigua, Lake Atitlan, friendly locals, affordable prices, good weather, food, hiking active volcanoes and more.

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