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Top 10 Budget-Friendly Family Activities And Things To Do In Cape Town

On the southwestern coast of South Africa lies a coastal city that is one of the oldest and the second-largest cities of the country, Cape Town. Over the last few decades, Cape Town has become one of South Africa’s most visited cities. The city has become an excellent destination for individuals looking to travel with family and friends. Cape Town as a city is the perfect harmonious blend of traditions and cultures. That makes a visit to the city worthwhile for families travelling together. The city of Cape Town has something for everyone of every age. From culinary experiences, history and culture to adventure activities. Cape Town has it all and much more. Below is an interesting read on some budget-friendly family activities and things to do in Cape Town.

Pocket-Friendly Family Activities To Do In Cape Town

Catch Up With Penguins

Top 10 Budget-Friendly Family Activities And Things To Do In Cape Town

One of the first budget-friendly activities to do in Cape Town can be a visit to the place called the ‘Boulders’. The location is home to a large number of African penguins, that are indigenous to the region. The Boulder beach colony is one of the largest colonies of these African Penguins. And one can see the vast number of these furry birds as one approaches the beach. The spot is perfect for the young ones to have a closer look at these tiny waddlers. And in the process learn about marine life and how the little waddlers help fishermen locate fish underwater.

Time: 8 AM – 5 PM

Price: $ 10 (kids), $ 15 (adults)

Meet Faries At Swellendam


The next budget-friendly family activity in Cape Town is definitely a fantasy for the young ones. The location we are talking about is the famous fairy park in the city called Swellendam. The park is home to several miniature fairies statues that give the feeling of walking into a fairy jungle. The park also has several toadstools and mushroom stools placed close to these fairies. So that you and your kids can sit next to the fairies and click pictures of an everlasting magical experience.

Time: Wednesday – Sunday from 10 AM – 4 PM

Price: $ 1.75 (kids above 13 and pensioners) & $ 3.5 (adults)

Take a Dip In A Natural Pool

Tidal Pools on the beaches in Cape Town

One of the most budget-friendly family activities in Cape Town is for sure a visit to the Tidal pools. Along the coast of Cape Town, the government has strategically made structures. That fill up with fresh ocean water, every time a wave hits these structures. The pools offer a safe spot for the young ones to enjoy the ocean waves. Minus the scare of the riptide currents washing them away into the ocean. These pools are the perfect spot for a nice family picnic. Where the only thing you as a parent would need to worry about is convincing the kids to leave these pools. After a nice family picnic meal on the side of the beach.

Time: Depends on the location

Price: Free to $ 0.5 (kids) to $ 1 (adults)

Pick Berries

Redberry Farm, Budget-Friendly Family Activities in Cape Town

The next budget-friendly family activity and thing to do in Cape Town is berry picking at the Redberry Farm. The farm in the George district of Cape Town allows its visitors to walk in and pluck berries. The farm is the perfect place to teach the young about the importance of sustainability. And how nature and humans need each other to survive longer. The farm is also home to a giant maze where the young ones can have a lot of fun. The farm also has a go-karting ring and a pony farm for a pony ride.

Time: Monday – Saturday, 9 AM – 4 PM

Price: $ 5 (for the basket)

Train Ride By The Sea

Blue Train Park, Cape Town

The next spot for a budget-friendly family activity and things to do in Cape Town is the Blue Train Park. The park lies close to the coast in Cape Town, ensuring a nice breezy ride along the shoreline in a miniature train. The Park also houses a mini skate park, pedal push karts, a zip line, a jungle gym and an obstacle course to keep the young ones busy all day. The park has its own miniature kiosks offering delicious food treats to keep their energy up through the day.

Time: Winter → Tue – Thu:- 12 PM – 6 PM, Fri – Sun:- 10 AM – 6 PM / Summer → Tue – Sun:- 10 Am – 6 PM (Mondays closed)

Price: $ 5 per person

Visit A Toy Museum

Stellenbosch Miniature Toy Museum, Budget-Friendly Family Activities in Cape Town

Another interesting budget-friendly family activity to do in Cape Town is visiting the Stellenbosch Miniature Toy Museum. The museum is home to several vintage toys, miniature and replica toys of some popular brands. The tour around the museum can very easily take from one to two hours. Especially with your kids being awestruck by the beauty with which the toys have been placed in different miniature settings.

Time: Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 3 PM, Sat: 9 AM – 2 PM

Price: $ 0.5 (kids from 2 – 16), $ 1 (for kids 17 years and above)

Attend A Carnival

Weltevreden Estate, Cape Town

Cape Town is a city of many budget-friendly family activities and one such family activity is the carnival at the Weltevreden Estate. The estate is a wine farm that hosts families for brunch and hi-tea. The farm has a designated kids area and a build your own pizza station. The carnival allows families to enjoy nice Sunday brunches with families and friends. The entry to the estate is free but the restaurant has its brunch charges. That allows you to extend the celebration into the evening.

Time: Mondays to Sundays: 8 AM – 5 PM

Price: Free Entrance

Discover A Hidden Gem

Paradise Park, Budget-Friendly Family Activities in Cape Town

The next budget-friendly family activity to do in Cape Town would be to explore the Paradise Park. The park lies hidden in the suburban jungle of Newlands. Which is home to a tall treehouse and several other activities to set your kids imagination free. The park is a pleasant touch in the heart of the bustling city, that gives you the much-needed break from worrying about your kids. And is a great place to let your kids vent out all the pent up energy they have been waiting to release.

Time: Open 24/7

Price: Free entrance

Visit A Water Park

Water World Strand, Cape Town

The next destination that you and the young ones will enjoy is the water theme park called Water World Strand. The park houses several distinct types of water rides that cater to audiences young and old. The water park also has a swimming pool and a dry play area, Also the theme park lies next to the beach offering a great view from any ride one takes. The park is also home to other play areas and a food court to keep the young ones fed.

Time: September – April; Tue – Sun from 9 AM – 6 PM (Closed on Mondays during the term, open on Mondays during holidays)

Price: $ 0 (0 12 months kids), $ 5 (kids under 3) and $ 10 (anyone above 4) for 1 hour

Explore The Promenade

Promenade, Cape Town

The last budget-friendly family activity and thing to do in Cape Town is to explore the Promenade. Just like other South African cities, Cape Town also has a long stretch of pathway. The pathway runs along the shoreline offering the locals and tourists a hassle-free run or walk along the beach. This particular stretch is called the Promenade. The stretch is perfect for early morning walks or for an evening watching the sun setting on the horizon while enjoying some drinks. The spot is the perfect spot for walks with family and loved ones.

Time: Mon-Sun: 8 AM – 7 PM

Price: $ 6 (per hour), Kids seat – $ 6, kids Carriage – $ 7.5 (helmets and locks free of charge)

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